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The prophet (saw) said "The best of you are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it" (Sahih Bukhari)
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Lewisham Islamic Centre is open for all of the five daily prayers. During the daytime the main prayer hall can be used for reading the Qur'an and quiet contemplation. It can accommodate over 1000 people, including space dedicated just for women. During busy times, such as Friday prayer, Eid prayer and the Tarawih prayers in Ramadan, an additional 1000 people can be accommodated in the adjacent buildings, with audio coming directly from the mosque.

Religious advice & counselling
Muslims turn to the mosque for help and advice in all matters of their day–to–day life. The Imam at Lewisham Islamic Centre has been trained to counsel on the many concerns of the community such as bereavement, cultural challenges, generational issues and matrimonial problems.

Lectures & Training
Regular programmes include Arabic, Quran memorisation and Tajweed classes are held at the LIC. Also, the Friday weekly lecture is open to all the family with a diverse range of speakers and topics.

Marriage solemnisation
LIC holds family life as the building block of a successful society, and marriage is the key to a successful and fruiteful family life. Lewisham Islamic Centre facilitates the solemnisation of an Islamic contract of marriage. The newly-married couple is provided with an official 'Nikah' certificate to show they have been married according to Islamic Law.

Olive Tree School
Olive Tree School is an independent primary school teaching children from year 1 (age 5) to year 6 (age 11), covering key stages 1 and 2 of the British National Curriculum.

Young Muslim Academy
Young Muslim Academy is an after school and weekend programme to assist young children in learning more about Islam, the Arabic language, and what it means to be a Muslim.

1st Lewisham Park Scouts Group
Lewisham Islamic Centre is proud to be the home of 1st Lewisham Park Scouts Group. The Group has been running since January 2013, and currently consists of a Beaver Colony and a Cub Troop.

Lawyer surgery:
Once a month, a fully qualified lawyer holds a free surgery to help those who might need professional legal advice but perhaps could not afford the consulatation fees.

Female Counselling:
An experienced and professional female counsellor holds counselling sessions once a week, to help female members of the community constructively cope with any difficulties they might face.

The Lewisham Islamic Football Club was founded in April 2005. It started off as part of a Youth club that provided many activities and days out for local Muslim children. The football team started in a local park with around ten kids and one ball. Since then it has expanded, with football fans – Muslim and non–Muslim – coming from all over London to enjoy the beautiful game.

In spring 2011 LICFC achieved the FA's prestigious Charter Standard award. The Charter Standard Scheme is a best practice guide that sets standards of coaching, administration and child protection for all clubs outside the Football League and Premier League.

In May 2011 LICFC held a unique, groundbreaking event, LICFC at The Valley: “LICFC At The Valley” – the first, and only, family finday at a football stadium run by a mosque. It continued to gain strength in 2012, but was postponed in 2013 due to Islamophobic tensions after the attack in Woolwich.

Wing Chun
Wing Chun is a system of self defence that uses speed and skill to overcome opponents, utilising refined movements, keeping kicking techniques below the waist level.

The martial arts master, Si Fu Louisson, incorportates the physical and mental aspects of Wing Chun to bring out the best in his students. Teaching Muslims and nonMuslims all in the same class, watching them step by step, he teaches by looking for the beset in students' character.